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Tyler Vibrating Ring by Svakom

Posted by SVAKOM 05/12/2018 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

I was impressed with this cock ring with clitoral stimulator by Svakom.


This ring was fun to use during sex.  Mr. Sam enjoys vibration on his member and he also likes me on top. This vibrating ring works perfectly for both of us. Being on top, I could lean onto the ring for more pressure against my clit if I wanted to. The ring fits snuggly around his shaft and he felt the vibrations.


Inside the Box

  • ■ Tyler vibrating ring
  • ■ Product registration card
  • ■ Drawstring bag for discreet storage
  • ■ A quick guide that is in several different languages.
  • ■ A warning & quality booklet.
  • ■ A product booklet (that contains other Svakom products).

The "S" button is the power. Hold that down a few second to turn the ring on. Push the button again to find the desired vibration setting. Hold the button down, the light will flash and the ring will turn off.


There is a pin hole for the charging cable and the other end has a USB end. There is a white light that flashing when it is charging. The light is located under the brand name. When the ring is powered on the light doesnt flash but will remain lit while the ring is in use. Charging time is an hour or so and the ring can be used for 45 minutes or more. However after the first 20-30 minutes I felt the drop of intensity in the rings vibrations.


The head of this ring has a group of nodules that vibrates against the clitoris. I used the ring with a dildo and the ring worked well.  It was easy to change the intensity of the vibrations because the power button being located on the side of the ring. This section can be difficult to clean especially in between the nodules. I had to scrub it and even separated the nodules to get in between them.   Wash with hot water and soap. Do not use with oil, lotion or silicone-based lube with this product.


I also tried using this by itself. I held it like in the photo and press it against my clit and the ring provided a pleasurable release.